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Career Guidance and


Team Ollato has in-house renowned counsellors who are experienced in the field of guidance and counselling. We allow the clients to get in touch with experienced counsellors for doubt clearing and report discussion. The student can get further advice and clarity regarding the recommended career paths based on his/her results if required.

Team Ollato offers both online (recommended) and offline counseling services. In online career guidance and counseling, you get all the perks of offline career guidance and counseling, for example, the expertise and knowledge of the counselor, tests, and advice, but all from the comfort of your home! There is no need to travel far or worry about including an appointment into your busy schedule. You can access the best career counselors from home directly. As online technology advances, there is virtually no difference between online career guidance and counseling and offline career guidance and counseling

However, if a face to face counseling session is preferred, we will be able to accommodate this with a prior appointment.

Ollato Alumni

Team Ollato is developing a platform for all its students, experts, and renowned persons of different fields which will be interactive and value addition. Further, all our students will get the opportunity to be part of Ollato alumni which will be helpful to them to update knowledge and happenings in different fields, constructive & positive networking. This Ollato Alumni will bring positive changes in their life.

Career Mentors and Career


Team Ollato is blessed with a large number of experts of different careers who are masters in their field such as- Eminent Doctors, Consultants in Medical Fields, District Collectors (IAS), District Superintendent of Police (IPS), Commissioner Income Tax (IRS), District judges, Bank executives, Inspectors, State Cadre Officers, Railway Officials, BSNL Officials, Engineers, Lawyers, Charted Accountants, Architectures, Commercial Pilots, Software Developers, Share traders, Textile industry, Retail industry, Renowned Manufactures, Start-up Mentors, Pharmacists, Teaching Professionals, Event managements, Astrologists and so on.

Team Ollato has recorded their interviews (Career Cookies) which are aimed to encapsulate an overview of these careers.

We hope to develop a career mentor scheme to help certain students to move further in their career if required.